Avocado & Aloe vera Hair Treat

Avocado & Aloe vera Hair Treat

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Are you struggling with hair growth? Is your hair stubborn ? Is your hair always dry ? Finding a hair treatment for all of those problems can be extremely annoying and frustrating. The Avocado and Aloe Hair Treats is design to Moisturize, Generate hair growth, strengthen your hair and prevent split ends. Using the Avocado and Aloe Hair Treats can help nourishes and maintain a healthy scalp. 

Main Ingredient —>
Avocados are full of great vitamins such as natural oils that nourish the scalp and it also contains fatty acid.

Aloe vera is high in vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for hair health. It also soothes, conditions, moisturizes, and hydrates the scalp.


Who's it's for ?
Straight hair
Wavy hair
Curly hair
Kinky hair



  • Thaw Minutes before use 
  • Section hair into four
  • Damp with warm water
  • Apply the product from ends to roots
  • Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap
  • let it sit for 4 hours , or you can leave it in all day
  • Rinse with cold or warm water and continue it with shampoo and conditioner 

( Our ingredients are 100% Natural & Fresh)
NO harsh chemicals being are used !
PLACE IT IN FREEZER ONCE YOU RECEIVE THE HAIR TREAT !! It will go BAD if it's not refrigerated .

Be a NATURAL and use earth grown products from me to you 


Ingredients :Avocado,Aloe vera, Water,Shea butter,Avocado butter,MSM,Vitamin E, Moringa powder, Fenugreek powder, Glycerin,Citric Acid,Guar-gum,Herbal oil blends, Essential oils

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