About Us

AshlysNaturals is a Afro-Latina owned Business Company founded in the May 2021. Our goal is to help repair and grow Women, Men and Children hair by using naturals ingredients. We are located in the United states of America.



During the pandemic in 2019 ,our Founder-CEO started making hand made natural hair products. She realized that the beauty supply store product was just a waste of money. It had alcohol and harsh chemical that was making her hair fall out. One long night she was thinking "why not use real ingredients on my hair and see how that goes". After doing intensive research on natural hair she realized that products from the earth are the best to use on your hair. Months went by and she was realizing her hair was growing and was extremely healthy. May 2021, she decided to help other people heal their hair as well. That when A s h l y s N a t u r a l s was invented .